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Star Spangled Guitar Review

Below is collection of Star Spangled Banner renditions for your inspection, starting with my least favorites from the top down.

Didn't expect Satch to be my least favorite, but just my opinion. I really dig the Eric Johnson & Eric Gales versions for their bass figures & tone; especially Johnson's overtones. Steve Vai was cute but over processed for my taste. Slash & Zakk were no surprise, and both seemed to be holding their liquor particularly well at those moments. Neal Schon really steps up! In fact, Schon's version compounded my perplexitude about Satch's boring offering.

Apologies to any Mahogany Rush fans for not including a Frank Marino version. Just didn't find very good quality clips. But those who know... and I think we know who we are... know Marino is a Zenster with this sort of stuff. And yes, we didn't include SRV's little slide thingy at the Astro's game. Sorry. Ted Nugent? Please!

Finally we have the original Hendrix/Woodstock archetype version which is my favorite NOT just out of respectful reverence. The sonic storytelling of the Master is indeed the genuine article which reigns supreme for it's relevance and initial impact. We weren't gonna see this at a ball game in '69! Am I lying?

That's my take. Feel free to share your comments at Stratoblogster Facebook.
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Click Here for Hendrix at Woodstock version.

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