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SRV Influences Many Guitar Kids

My way of observing the 20th anniversary of SRV's departure is by referring you to our Young Guitar Wonders directory.

One of the most rewarding features of this blog for me has been discovering so many kids who play guitar very well.

The two things I've found these youngsters have in most in common are:

1) They started at age 3.

2) Their biggest influence is SRV.

I don't know why this is. But I've run into it time and time again. Obviously their parents are exposing them to this kind of music, but they must hear other guitar players too. And as for the magic age of 3... They say Mozart was composing at 3. Who knows?

So check out these new guitar wonders who keep SRV and this music alive in the hearts of everyone. And don't be sad today.

Buddy Guy with Quinn Sullivan:

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