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Shane Theriot's Grease Factor Review


Just to let you know how cutting edge I am NOT, Shane Theriot's latest release is "Dirty Power", but instead I wanna talk about "Grease Factor" for three reasons:

1) I haven't heard Dirty Power yet.

2) I just discovered Grease Factor.

3) Grease Factor is kickin' my butt!!!

All good reasons.

Fusion guitar is often starved of rootsy, funk vibes. And although Theriot probably doesn't wanna be called a fusion musician anyway, his chops are up there with Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Mike Landau, Brett Garsed, etc.

So if you can imagine Henderson in a Zyedco band, with a Strat-- but Robben Ford's signal chain & Dumble amp, and an Octavia tossed in for good measure, that points you in the direction of Shane Theriot. And the rootsy grooves are something I always want to hear more from any of the above mentioned guitarists. So Theriot really nails it for me.

Crazy New Orleans rhythm section work lays the foundation for much of Grease Factor, along with horns & piano. But far from anything traditional, this thing goes outside while you're still groovin'. That's the "grease" in Grease Factor I guess. Anyone returning from an oxygen starved interdimensional journey with Alan Holdsworth might find a plunge into this vat of electric-eclectic crawfish a refreshing albeit pungent welcome back to the earth.

Sometimes you need to just go out and roll around in something-- y'know, like our canine friends. Just make sure you're rollin' in something sophisticated.

And enough killer Strat tones to give you swimmer's nose for a week!

I don't know how to recommend this album any better than that.

Google "Shane Theriot - Grease Factor" for some iLike samples.

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