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Polytune Tuner - Still on the Fence?

TC Electronic Polytune Chromatic Tuner
I still haven't tried the TC Electronic Polytune yet. Maybe I'm one of the last on earth.

See, when I walk into a gear store, the last thing I'm thinkin' is tuners. Even if I was thinkin' about 'em out on the sidewalk, I get sidetracked real quick by sexier gear. No time for tuners...

Anyway, like you, I've seen some good reviews on the Polytune around the web. But what really just grabbed my attention was the Steve Morse interview clip below, featured recently at The Guitar Channel blog.

At 04:00 Steve talks about the Polytune, but watch the entire interview cuz Steve Morse is just a really sweet cat and a sincere artist!

TC Electronic Polytune @Musician's Friend
(MF ships Polytune free!)

Considering the capabilities of the Polytune compared to the old standard BOSS TU-12 which was priced only slightly less, waaaay back in 1986, the Polytune Chromatic tuner is quite possibly the best inflation buster gear value out there! You can play chords, and the Polytune will indicate which strings are out! In any tuning. Can't beat that for a Ben Franklin!

And besides, Steve Morse digs it!

I will get one...Yes, I WILL get one.

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