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Johnny Winter 1970 - Straight into the Amp??

That's right mathematicians-- FORTY YEARS AGO!!!

September will also mark the 40th anniversary of Hendrix passing. But we'll be talking about that in another post.

So here's Johnny Winter in 1970 performing "Be Careful With a Fool" on a very well preserved Danish television clip. Maybe they've kept it in one of those Danish ham or cookie cans-- make a note of that, ok.

Anyway, check out Johnny's totally dry and un-"effected" sound. This really struck me, because pedals were exploding, and Winter had even been hangin' with Hendrix. Yet we don't even hear a drop of reverb or a hint of fuzz. Don't get a shot of Johnny's amp, but whatever it is, I'm thinkin' he's plugged straight into it.

That early to mid 60's Epiphone Wilshire guitar probably sports P90's, judging from the width. And the 6x1 "Batwing" headstock replaces the 3x3's on earlier Wilshires. Another very cool Wilshire characteristic is that the set neck joins the body at the 22nd fret! Johnny Winter always plays guitars with good high register access.

And yes, that's a very young & lanky Tommy Shannon on base.

Anyone know who that guy watching is at 00.31? Looks familiar, but I can't figure it out...

Kudos to Johnny Winter for bending those strings probably 50+ years!!!

That's a long time.

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