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Jason Lollar's Tech Videos

Luthier & renown pickup guru Jason Lollar has an excellent Youtube channel just loaded with priceless how-to demo content for helping your guitar maintenance and upgrades projects go smoothly!

The above clip is part 1 of a three part tutorial on installing Strat pickups.

Although Lollar's archive also covers humbucker and P90 installations, it's clear that Jason is a Strat man, as Strat related resources abound. His most viewed video is on pickup adjustment, focusing on the Strat.

People looking for secret government ninja videos about scatter winding pickups will need to look elsewhere. There is lots of stuff on Youtube & the web about that too, but if you're really serious about getting into that, it's probably best to seek info. from a source whose pickups you've actually heard and know to be good. Otherwise, you're in for a journey of twists and turns riddled with weirdness. Kinda like a mix of college economics or philosophy-- even if you have an awesome set of tools like Jeff Spicoli's dad. Good luck...


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