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How Jimi Hendrix Impacted London

Jimi Hendrix' 1966 passport photo:

"...For Pete Townshend, watching Jimi perform was even more cathartic. 'Seeing Jimi absolutely, completely destroyed me,' he told Matt Resnicoff in their September 1989 Guitar Player cover story. 'It was horrifying, because he took back black music. He came and stole R&B back'..."

As we approach the 40th anniversary of Hendrix' passing, features are popping up around to keep us reminded of just how remarkable and impinging was the rise of the world's original guitar god.

Jas Obrecht's latest blog post, Jimi Hendrix in London is an insightful and well compiled piece focusing on Jimi's initial impact upon arriving in London for the first time. Included are the reactions of Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend (above excerpt) and others. And as you can expect, Jas is thorough as always with every source lined up and every "t" crossed. The veteran, former 20 year GP writer helped to author My Son Jimi with Al Hendrix, and is now raising the bar for guitar blogging.

So visit the above link for a dose of the stuff that was shakin' the foundations of London in 1966.

And stay tuned here for more Hendrix nuggets to come.

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