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FCS 58 Candy Red Relic - Friday #180

Fender Custom Shop 1958 Candy Red Relic Stratocaster

A Strat for Friday #180

Anodized aluminum pickguard with a little wear vibe.

Our Friday feature this week is from the Private Reserve outfit at Musician's Friend.

All specs and more photos are available at the above link. Basically we're talkin' chunky V neck, tall 6105 frets, Abi Y. wound 50's pups, anodized pickguard and enough aging to look plenty experienced-- although not rode too hard and put away wet...

Maybe you don't know about MF's Private Reserve Guitars crew. They're run by Chris Swope who's built instruments for both Roger Sadowsky and Gibson's Custom Shop, so he knows a bit more than your typical gear forum "expert", to say the least. If you're lookin' for a super hi-end guitar that's set up well and backed by real folks you can actually talk to, give them a call at:

1-800-343-9795 M-F 8:00-5:00 Central Time Zone.

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