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Eric Gales Releases "Relentless"

New Eric Gales Album!

Eric Gales - Relentless Album

Eric is always scaring us in one way or another. The recent release of "Relentless" on Shrapnel Records-- and plans in the works for a tour, are the GOOD kinda scary!

Good kinda sources tell me Eric is currently on the up & up, so Gales fans can relax and connect with the latest at www.facebook.com/EricGalesBand. Be sure to click the "My Band" menu tab for new tunes currently on tap from Relentless.

Eric Gales is like the little devil on my left shoulder opposite Eric Johnson on the right. Ya gotta have 'em both-- so maybe Yin & Yang is more appropriate. Any old schoolers from Mahavishnu to Shawn Lane days know Eric Gales wasn't born yesterday and gets lots of his runs from the same places Eric Johnson gets some of his. So where EJ is addin' the sugar, EG is lacin' in the cayenne.

And he knows how to get Jimi wit' it!

I like 'em both Yin & Yang though, so this is more of a perspective for you than a who's the baddest.

John Lee Hooker once said, I don't play a lot of fancy guitar. I don't want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks.

While Gales is more than capable of "fancy" guitar, it's the MEAN stuff that sets him apart from fancy guitar players who wouldn't wanna follow Eric Gales on stage. And that's just a fact.

So get on board with Eric Gales at the FB link above, and stay tuned here for a possible future interview with Eric himself. It could happen.

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