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Brian Stoltz: Veteran Strat-o-Brother

Guitarist Brian Stoltz and Bobby DeVito
Our old friend Bobby DeVito (pictured right) let me know about Brian Stoltz who has recently been gigging down in the Florida Keys; Bobby D's home turf.

Stoltz is a New Orleans based guitar player who has recorded & toured with heavy hitters over that past few decades. He's also written tunes for some name artists. Click here for his amazing bio/resume.

Brian Stoltz is one of those cats like George Marinelli who works with Bonnie Raitt. Both Brian and George know exactly what to do when they pick up a Strat.

The white Strat Stoltz is holding has a cool story as Bobby relates:

"...That white Strat he' playing in those vids is interesting. He bought it in Japan while on tour with the Neville Brothers in 1986. it is a 3 bolt early 70s style strat, and is scalloped like an Yngwie strat. Brian said he paid $350 for it off the rack at a Japanese music store.

A few months later he was gigging in Virgina, and called Joe Barden to get some new pickups. Joe Barden custom wound those pickups HIMSELF, and drove out to the show and installed them in Brian's guitar ON THE SPOT -- and they SMOKE!..."

In the clip below, Stoltz doesn't start his solo till 06:50, then the real fun begins at 08:11 when he punches in the octave pedal. This is stuff I dig! He really gets those Band of Gypsys tones.

He's using a Paul Trombetta Uber Fuzz and a Catalinbread Ottava Magus.


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