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Brett Favre? (Who Reads Stratoblogster Series)


"I can relate to the Relic Strat stuff-- those aged and dinged up guitars! They sure play better than a shiny new one..."

The "Eric Clapton" of quarterbacks, born & raised in the Mississippi Delta, has been to the crossroads enough times to know what he really wants. And what he wants is to tour the world playing Blues guitar.

For the past few seasons, legendary NFL star Brett Favre has ducked out of summer training camps to woodshed with his Strat in hopes of eventually pursuing a career as a Blues musician. It's been a long painful road, but at long last Favre is finding himself able to look forward to the kind of life most of us only dream of; crappy hotels, juke joints, club owners who don't pay, bad whiskey, evil women, etc.

"For me football has been a metaphor for the Blues, and I've survived professional sports by conceptualizing my experiences through guitar analogies... Stratoblogster has helped me look ahead and realize my special purpose with guitar. But first, I've got just one more season with the Vikings while I get my chops together and acquire just a bit more gear-- I like old tweed stuff."

Favre is also in final negotiations with Fender on a special FCS Brett Favre Super Relic, to be introduced following the Minnesota Vikings' 2011 Superbowl victory-- which another recent crossroads meeting with a "Mr. Pitchfork" has reportedly guaranteed. Rumors that 10 pieces of the proposed 300 piece run are to feature a "FEDNER" headstock decal are entirely unfounded.

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