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Bobby D's Classic 70's Strat - Friday #182

Classic 70's StratFat headstock & bullet truss rod

3 bolt fat U neck

Vintage style staggered pole pickups

Last month our friend Bobby DeVito spotted the National Guitar Museum running a contest giveaway for a Fender Classic 70's Stratocaster.

He entered it and won!

The guitar arrived just this week in factory sealed fresh condition. The circumstances surrounding Bobby's windfall are remarkable too, although those of us who've read Bobby's book may not find it all that surprising. Still, our winner- and soon to be a birthday boy- seems the most amazed of all. Recently he's been hangin' out with Brian Stoltz's nearly identical Oly White 7o's era Strat and really wishing for something similar-- only to have it arrive the very same week.

"...I really wished I could have a strat like that one.

And when I got home that nite from Brian's concert, I had an email in my inbox from HP Newquist at the National Guitar Museum, saying that I had WON THE FENDER STRATOCASTER!

I immediately started checking the email out, thinking that it was a scam, or some sort of phishing scheme, or a Nigerian 419 scam. :-)

But it appeared legit, so I emailed Hp Newquist back, and got a reply from him the next day, confirming that I had indeed won their contest, and that the strat was mine..."

So enter those giveaways kids, cuz ya never know when ya might get lucky like Bobby D!

Links alla DeVito:

youtube.com/roccotanto - Gear demos galore!

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