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Blues "Competition" at Guitar Noize Blog

Image: "Crumb Guitar" by R. Crumb

Following success of the recent "Anti-Shred" contest, Jon at Guitar Noize is hosting the new "Blue Noize" Blues guitar solo competition.

If you don't dig the "competition" aspect, and think music shouldn't be treated like some sort of sport, well, just think of this as a good old fashioned "head cuttin'" gig... Only on the web, via Youtube and such.

Don't be a wussy! There's no danger of poisoned whiskey or jealous razor totin' characters.

And we're talkin' serious prize booty involved here folks! Jon has gathered some pro gear outfit sponsorship, with the grand prize being a PRS 25th Anniversary Custom 24 guitar and a nice stash of accessories. 2nd & 3rd place finishers will get cool stuff too. The submissions will be judged by pro players as well.

CLICK HERE for all the details, and backing track download link. Then hit the woodshed, and get ready for some head cuttin'!

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