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Aztec Gold 50th Anniversary - Friday Strat #181

Fender 50th Anniversary Strat Aztec Gold

50th Anniversary Aztec Gold Relic Stratocaster

I can't seem to stay away from anodized pickguards lately! Maybe I been hypmotized to the anodized. You're looking at a Custom Shop '56 Relic in Aztec gold from 2004's 50th Anniversary series runs.

The relic aspects of this model seem focused on the gold finish checking and dull hardware. Otherwise, we don't see much distress or neck finish wear/tint. The anodized pickguard does show the standard burnished area below the strings. I've been told that the type of white plastic used in '56 for the knobs & covers doesn't actually discolor or yellow, so these bright white items are still somewhat period correct for an actual vintage '56.

So other than the distressed metal parts, this seems more Closet Classic than Relic series to me.

This is a current eBay listing with plenty of photos, description & specs by a Top-rated Seller based in Chattanooga, TN.

Seller: guitargalleriaauctions

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