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Adrianne Simioni, Strat-o-Sister of Brazil

Adrianne Simioni composes and performs music inspired by astronomy. I'm not just sayin' this because of the above video effects either. Her website astronomusic.com is a collaborative project where Adrianne and other star gazing Brazilian musicians are creating musical galactic concepts. Sorta has a Mannheim Steamroller vibe about it.

But before I go getting too Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking here, I'm just diggin how this lady plays that Shoreline Gold Stratocaster. No better vehicle for space exploration in my book.

If the synth backing tracks aren't exactly your cup of tea, just pay attention to the guitar playing. Adrianne pulls out a number of cool melodic twists & mean licks through the duration of this tune, aptly titled "Gods in the Sky". I'm hearing some Steve Morse melodic, adventurism sensibility with a little Petrucci tossed in for good measure. Also a violinist, Simioni is involved with the project "Orquestra Profana" which explores traditional orchestral music with electronic instruments, considered profane by the purist classical community. So she's into pissing off the high brows. Sweet!

Let's see, she's also studied physics at the university level, and is an MI/GIT alum.

I'm sure she also has Learjet rating and makes a mean omelette.

And you thought Brazilian women spent their entire existence at the beach in thong bikinis...

Thanks to Truth In Shredding blog!

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