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97 Fender Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster

1997 Full Reverse Strat Series

97 Fender Hendrix Tribute Model Strat

Of the various half dozen or so Hendrix Strat incarnations Fender has put out, the '97 run was one of the coolest because everything was reversed.

There's the fat reverse headstock with reverse decal-- and the reverse angle bridge pickup... it's a real room full o' mirrors folks! The Hendrix image engraved neck plate is also a feature.

This one's currently listed at eBay with lots of photos and a pretty good description, including the text and specs from Fender's 1997 press release on this model. The seller indicates very little playing and wear, and it looks like this one comes with a gig bag, but no hard case.

Seller: seyhydro


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