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1983 Fender Elite Stratocaster

CBS coulda brought in John DeLorean for some stainless steel gull wing pickup covers...

The "Freeflyte" trem was adjustable from the top.

Fender 1983 Strat Elite

Some of you may remember these. I vaguely remember the push button selector switches. Also notice no trem cavity in back, but still a trem bridge. What?!

But honestly, in '83 I wasn't very interested in Fenders. The Strat Elite represented the last gasps by CBS to attempt something creative. Artisan Guitars of Franklin, TN is listing this one at their eBay Store-- along with several other unbelievable collector grade instruments priced for... uhh... well, the collector. Yeah, that's it.

Here's an interesting historical tidbit excerpt from the listing:

"The late 70's and early 80's were a tumultuous time for the folks at Fender. Quality was on the slip and innovation was not at the forefront. Fender decided to hire a few people to shake up things and try some new things for Fender. The team consisted of Dan Smith, Chip Todd, Charlie Gresset and old hand Freddie Tavares. What they came up with was an ambitious attempt to mix the tradition of Fender with the new technology at the time. In the process they also developed no less than 16 new features that differed from any other Stratocasters that had come before it. Some of the features live on today and are featured in some of the world's most recognized guitars..."

They go on to describe some of those new features as well as provide specs and decent photos.

Some will argue that this was a good Strat. I say it has some *issues.

Item ID# 280496578352

Seller: Artisan Guitars

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