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John English White HS - Friday # 179

All white Masterbuilt Stratocaster with matching headstock.

John English White Stratocaster
Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Ever wonder why Snow White was a brunette, and Cinderella was a blonde?


Yeah, the headstock face is white to match the all white body, pickguard and VERY light maple neck. This 2006 NOS Masterbuilt by the late John English is described as in unplayed mint condition, with case, all candy and COA. Perhaps the fairest maiden in the kingdom.

This is currently listed at eBay. The seller includes plenty of good, clear photos & details.

John English builds always seem to have special appeal, so we keep an eye out for them.

Seller: caribbean-coral - 100% rated. Location NY, USA

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