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FCS Closet Classic '60 Black - Friday #177

Black & Tortoise Closet Classic '60 Stratocaster.


Ya gotta love a good readable COA photo!

Remember to click images for close-ups!

Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic 60 Black Strat

Seller: Warpdrive Music aka Cream City Music, Brookfield, WI, USA

Reminds me of a Texas style beef brisket that's been in the bbq pit for 14 hours. Can't ya just see that headstock betweenst two slices o' white bread? Am I the only one who sees this?

Somebody was thinkin' when they decided to shoot these photos against a white picket background! Nice pics! The tortiose pickguard kinda looks like dried chili peppers too.

Anyhow, this here hunka hunka mesquite burnin' StratoBEEF sports an alder body, 21 frets, 7.25' radius "C" neck and low output Custom 60's pups (Bridge - 5.76K ohms. Middle - 5.76K ohms. Neck - 5.80K). Old school baby! Now ya'll pass me the sauce!

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