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Delaney Guitars "Silver City" - Friday # 178

New Mexico themed Strat with silver & turquoise!

Delaney Guitars StratPLEASE click images for close-ups!

Sorry for the delay on this week's Friday Strat. I just got back from camping and was getting ready to post another "Best of" from the archive, when Mike Delaney sent me the scoop on his latest New Mexico themed Silver City S-type custom.

From Mike's description:

"...swamp ash for the body with a silver pickguard and trem cover, a birdseye maple/rosewood neck with silver and turquoise inlay dots, Hipshot tremolo and tuners, Amalfitano pickups, blood red aniline dye and nitrocellulose lacquer finish."

Be sure to click each photo twice for the extra close-ups! The ash grain is killer, and the silver/turquoise inlay dots rock!!!

People who dig this vibe will also like the handcrafted straps of Rachael at HEAVY LEATHER NYC.

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