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Keb Mo Doing the Music for Memphis Beat TV Series

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The folks from Turner Network were kind enough to invite a few music bloggers- including your's truly- to a teleconference interview with Keb Mo last weekend.

The popular Blues-Roots crossover artist is handling music direction chores for Memphis Beat; a new TV series premiering tomorrow night on TNT, starring Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) as a laid back Memphis PD detective who doubles as a guitar toting Blues musician when not solving crime. It's not a sitcom, but not too serious either.

The show kinda has a similar vibe to the old "Frank's Place" with Tim Reid as a New Orleans restaurateur -- if anyone remembers that one. The local Memphis culture and music feel will have a strong presence.

Anyway, Keb Mo answered questions about the process of doing music for television, and working with the shows creators. He also talked about the influence of the legendary Memphis based Stax Records artists he's drawing heavily from.

Fellow blogger Keith from Nightwatcher's House of Rock was on hand with some good questions for Keb.

I didn't have any prepared questions myself, but it was cool to be invited-- and I look forward to checking out Memphis Beat for it's rootsy scoring and riffage!

Memphis Beat premieres on Tuesday, June 22 at 10/9 Central on TNT.

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