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John Cruz Masterbuilt Quilt Top - Friday #175

John Cruz Quilt Top Stratocaster

Mmmm! Mmmm! Aunt Bee, pass me more syrup please!!!

Cruz Masterbuilt Quilt Top Strat

A Strat for Friday #175

Here's a John Cruz build with maple so intense, you'll wanna pour it over your WAFFLES!

Ya like waffles? Just lookin' at this Strat makes me smell syrup and butter. Besides the quilt maple top, the neck/headstock reveals a generous amount of flame maple yumminess!

Click the photos for closer view. Other photos at the listing page show the Masterbuilt stamp behind the headstock, plus body close-ups.

• Body: Alder with AAA Quilted Maple Top

• Pickups: Abby Hand Wound 60's

• Maple Neck with Large "C" profile

• 12" radius, 6100 frets,

• Sperzel Locking Tuners

Seller: Music Gallery, Inc - 100% rated. Location: Highland Park, IL, USA

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