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Hendrix & Stevie Wonder 1967 BBC Jam

Here's some wild stuff! The intro voice over pretty much explains what's going on here.

Just for perpective, I saw Stevie Wonder in '68 or '69 opening for The Supremes. He was still wearing the dark suit with skinny tie, peg pants and wrap around shades. He did a spot where he played various instruments, kinda like Edgar Winter does. I was about 9 or 10, and Stevie was 18 or 19. So this jam with Hendrix in London puts Stevie at 17. Anyone who's seen those old beach/surf movies with Frankie & Annette may remember seeing Stevie Wonder's cameo in one of those flicks. He had the same look in those.

Man! I'm showing my age today!!!

Thanks to the good folks from Portland, OR based Catalinbread Pedals for throwing this clip on their Facebook!

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