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Guido della Gatta - Young Guitar Wonder!

The winner of Guitar Noize blog's recent "Anti-Shred" Competition is 16 year old Italian, Guido della Gatta.

Jon from Guitar Noize has been running this one for awhile, and there were plenty of entries. The idea for an "Anti-Shred" thing came from the fact that there are so many "shred" contests that Jon wanted to do something with extra emphasis on melody, phrasing and feeling. Not that shredders can't have those qualities either. In fact, many stepped up to the challenge by slowing it down & smelling the roses, so to speak. Looks like a good time was had by all.

It's was extra special that such a young Strat wielder like Guido came out on top. And he won an MXR Micro Flanger to boot, not to mention some good web exposure!

I'm proud to add Guido della Gatta to our Young Guitar Wonders directory, and wish this young man future successes with music and guitar!

Check out the young Larry Carlton in this CLIP.

Guido's Blog - Keep up with Guido, and brush up on your Italiano!

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