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Eric Gales Busted Again? But Why, Really?

Last weekend the most suspicious looking individual on Memphis' Beale Street was unloading gear in front of BB King's Blues Club? Yeah, right.

Eric Gales shows us how a Strat is supposed to sound, and upside down lefty no less. If not for Youtube we wouldn't be seeing him though.

Unfortunately, Gales just got busted again after being out of jail for just a short time, and beginning his career again. Reports are still sketchy, but it seems Memphis PD jacked him up in front of BB's as Gales was unloading equipment. So, what started out with the cops having issues about him blocking traffic turned into something else. Also, it's mentioned that cops were called on some kind of drug tip.

There's a bit of buzz about it online, including commentary about harassment & even racism. One online Memphis media news report states as police were confronting Gales about blocking traffic, they smelled marijuana, then found coke & Xanax on Gales.

Now although I'm totally unqualified to make any judgment on this, here are my questions:

1) If they were called on a drug tip, why did they use the blocking traffic approach?

2) If Gales really was blocking traffic too, why would the authorities prolong the traffic situation by confronting him as he was unloading gear? In other words, why didn't they wait until the gear was unloaded before approaching Gales?

3) They smelled marijuana, but found other substances INSTEAD OF WEED-- substances you can't smell. Makes ya wonder if there really a weed smell?

4) Does somebody in Memphis have it in for Eric Gales?

5) How is it that Willie Nelson can sit with Larry King on CNN and admit he smokes pot-- even say he's under the influence during the interview, and everyone thinks it's cute, and the cops ain't jackin' Willie up??

"...If you ain't got the Do Re Mi" -- Woody Guthrie

Read the report carefully:


But I'm not finished. As you watch the video above consider how much this cat loves music and playing guitar. Is he really a threat to anyone? Not to advocate drugs & drug use. It's a bad problem. But why f@*k with Eric Gales? He was unloading gear for a gig. How does that make him the most suspicious looking character on Beale Street??

What's wrong with this picture?

CLICK HERE to see Eric Gales 5/23/10 performing at the Taku Sakashta benefit concert.

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