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Doug Rappoport at Home With Strat

Edgar Winter Guitarist

Actually, Edgar Winter guitarist Doug Rappoport is more at home with his black Les Paul-- to be honest. BUT, ya never know when he's gonna get into a Strat mood. This video posted just a couple days ago shows Doug at home on break from a pretty hefty Summer tour schedule with the Edgar Winter Band. Check the previous link for EWB shows in your area through June, July & August.

Also Click Here for a generous dose of what you can expect guitar-wise at an Edgar Winter show. Beyond the nostalgia elements, Winter always maintains a band of young badass musicians with serious progressive chops! And somehow, Edgar himself has mysteriously managed to preserve his pipes when most iconic rock singers have lost their range.

Besides his EWB gig, Doug Rappoport also does open counseling at MI, and has a monster solo release out called BIONIC-- and more stuff on the way!

For a taste of BIONIC, visit: www.myspace.com/dougrappoport

There! Now you have no excuse for not knowing about Doug Rappoport.

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