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'98 Custom Shop Cunetto Relic Strat - Desert Sand

Cunetto Desert Sand Relic StratCHECK this finish!!!

Here's another Desert Sand! We just featured one with an all rosewood neck...

According to this Strat-Collector article, *Vince Cunetto was involved in the early Custom Shop Relic process from '95 to '99.

The '98 above has all the stamps & COA including a John Cruz stamp in the neck butt. The finish checking is serious, as is the birdseye maple. Body is swamp ash, neck a soft "V" and it's #11 of a 20 unit run of this config.

All case candy & tweed case are included. The listing includes dissection photos. The guitar is in Japan-- $150 for USA shipping.

Seller: 007s-Young-Guitar-Back-Issue-Store
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Item ID# 370392162924


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