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Pedal Maker Gives Up Industry Secret

Wampler Talent Booster

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story called "Tom Edison's Shaggy Dog", in which it's revealed that Edison's great invention ideas were actually originated by his dog. In the story we discover that all dogs are actually far more intelligent than humans but that they're sworn to secrecy to play dumb so that we'll take care of them. Edison's dog spills the beans to Tom, and when the rest of dog society eventually catches on to this, a bunch of them show up at the Edison residence, and promptly kill Tom's dog when he steps out for a pee pee break.

Brian Wampler's decision to name this new pedal "Talent Booster" may be putting him in grave danger from all the other pedal makers out there. Guitar players weren't supposed to know about this. I'm just sayin...

Discovered at What's That Dude Play.

FAT TONE GUITARS - Wampler dealer.

I guess Tesla had cats.

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