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Hendrix '69 RAH Film is Surreal

Every time I check out the Royal Albert Hall clips, it just seems more and more strange to me. First of all, the lighting & film quality give off all those rust and burnt orangey hues as if the performance were in a steel mill. Then there's the crowd shots, which you can watch all day and pick up different vibes. They seem mostly conservative with mildly skeptic accents, and the stoic cops. All except for the 3 wild ones who must've found the secret candy drawer! Austin Powers shows up in there for a second too.

Compared to everyone, Hendrix looks and dresses like an alien visitor. And all the mics rigged up in front of him make it look like a press conference.

But besides all that, what's really special about this clip guitar-wise is the kind of note bending and phrasing he's doing. Really get in and check this out! He's taking Albert King into some crazy levels here. Maybe Jimi was thinking about a different Royal Albert in this hall.

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