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Green MOTO Art Strat by Fred Stuart - Friday #169

Fred Stuart Custom Shop

Your Deja Vu is valid here. I featured this guitar in March '09, though not as a Friday Strat. So might as well make it one. This Fred Stuart Masterbuild Art Guitar from '98 is part of a "Triple Threat" matching set which includes a Tele & a Jazzmaster.

All three have been sitting on eBay for a looooong time. I keep running into them! The seller is listing the 3 separately, but they probably oughta stay together, which is most likely the general consensus out there. So until somebody with deep enough green interest & green POCKETS comes along, this Triple Threat will remain an eBay fixture. The seller seems comfortable enough with it. No sacrifice here!

Seller: FLIGHT-101 eBay Store - 100% rated with 3000+ positive feedback score.

Go check out all three! Listing has lots of photos and details. The headstock faces & bodies are clad in crazy green moto, with pin stripping by Lil' Louie, a SoCal hot rod detail master.

The Upstate, NY based seller is also listing a couple Danny Gatton Tele's and some other nice gear, but mainly specializes in Harley collectibles. Go figure...

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