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Fender Custom Shop LTD Q1 '58 Relic Strat

With its candy apple red over gold undercoat nitro and gold anodized pickguard this relic Strat has a rustic regal vibe goin' on. Kinda reminds me of Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke.

The Strat is new and listed by an authorized Fender Custom Shop dealer, comes with COA, all case candy and LTD edition tweed center pocket case. The "Q1" means First Quarter for this model introduced in Jan. 2010.

The listing includes ALL specs and features in detail. Here's a brief description excerpt:

"Celebrating the 1950s look, but with modern features, this guitar is built for the working musician. It features hand-wound Abigail Ybarra pickups with a reverse-wound/reverse-pole middle pickup so that in the second and fourth switch positions the pickups cancel any hum. The guitar also has a flatter radius and taller 6105 frets for easier bending. The wiring is what we call “modern Strat” wiring, which lets the tone control for the middle pickup also work as a high-end roll-off on the bridge pickup".

Item ID# 230476976061

Seller: Wild West Guitars

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