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Eric Johnson Autographed Strat?

A Good Deal... if it's REAL!

Actual E.J. autograph?

The only reason I'm posting about this Singapore based eBay listing is because it's an eBay Stores seller with 100% rating and a 12K+ positive feedback score. Hard earned!

This 2005 Eric Johnson Artist series is marked Buy it Now at $1450.00. So if everything checks out- even with shipping - someone's gonna score an autographed EJ Strat for less than a new model. Not bad for an individual shopping a new EJ willing to trade newness for the autograph mojo.

Seller provides serial# and lets us know the pickups are Suhr V54's. Tweed case included. As part of your due diligence homework, ask seller if orig. pickups are available. Otherwise, they are being upfront about the Suhr's- a good sign- and Suhr 54's have good buzz in the gear head threads.

Eric Johnson fans might weigh this one out.

Item ID# 160437861421

Seller: My Trading Post

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