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DeTemple Strat, '56 Spirit Auction - Friday #171

Guitar by Michael DeTemple

Better living thru swamp ash & titanium!

We don't see a DeTemple guitar listed at eBay very often. Bidding is active on this one too. The listing has lots of good close-up photos and info. What a week for sweet gear listings-- it continues to be a buyer's market out there! This 2008 Spirit '56 is part of a collection including a DeTemple Tele they're also interested in selling. We featured a nearly identical pair last October listed by an L.A. based seller. The current listing is from Rhode Island, but may very well be the same instruments.

Maybe people are time sharing these like condos...

Anyway, you're looking at a one piece swamp ash body, flame maple quarter saw neck and lots of titanium hardware including DeTemple's famous tuned titanium truss rod, saddles & bridge. You can get on the 3 year waiting list for a new one, or take your chances with this rare auction.

This same seller is listing various other vintage gear including FOUR different Blackface Vibro Champ amps. That's right, FOUR of 'em-- a 1964, 65, 66 & 67!!! No kiddin'...

Seller: rareguitar- 100% feedback

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