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Wood Face Strat Pickups by Warman

Woodies wood trim guitar pickups

click image for e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d view.

How 'bout some pickups to match the walnut burl dash trim in your Jag! UK based Warman Guitars has a line wood body and wood faced pickups called "Warman Woodies" that will look good at any respectable pub gig.

Go check their full line which includes humbuckers too. I believe they're also fire retardant & termite proof.

The Strat pickups are rated as follows:

Neck - 5.7k, poles magnetic north
Middle - 6.2k, " magnetic south/reverse wound
Bridge - 6.8k, magnetic north

The site also provides details on pole spacing.

"And all the woodland creatures & wood nymphs rejoiced in glee at wonderous Warman Woodies they'd found!"

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