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Vai's Whitesnake '89 JEM Universe Auction at eBay

Bid on Steve Vai collectible JEM Guitar

Item ID# 290421721490 (SOLD)

Ibanez JEM Guitars

"...The guitar still has the original strings on it from the last show of the Whitesnake tour, and has been lovingly cared for by Steve's guitar tech from the David Lee Roth "Skyscraper" and Whitesnake tours, Stan Schiller..."

Bidding is (WAS) hot and heavy on this one folks!!!

Here's a Top Ten List of things to do with those strings:

1- Boil them and make tea.

2 - Soak your fingers in the tea instead of drinking it.

3- Fill bong with Vai string tea.

4- Weave them into two bracelets, one for yourself and one for your therapist.

5- Leave strings on the JEM, never play it, then flip it on eBay again in a few years.

6- Hang strings over doorways to ward off evil spirits.

7- Use strings to strangle people who don't like Steve Vai.

8- String up a limited number of little guitar shaped, swirl finish cheese cutting boards, and market them to yuppie wine snobs who know all about guitar icons.

9- Place them in a shadowbox display for the reception area of your ortho office. You are an orthodontist, aren't you?

10- Floss with 'em at least once daily. Nothing worse than an orthodontist, JEM collector with gingivitis.

"Hey kids! Do ya like the collectible celebrity guitar deals!"

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