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Two-Rock Amp ...or Not Two-Rock? That is the Question

Bill Krinard Fender Combo Mod?

Hey! Whaddaya got under the hood there?!

Two-Rock Speaker by Eminence
Fender Concert or...

Hey! Wait a minute!

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Interesting week for amp guru modded gear. Besides those Alessandro Princeton's we featured earlier, here we have Ashland, Oregon based seller: mandadhyan listing a Fender Concert cab & chassis he claims was gutted and rebuilt by Bill Krinard of Two-Rock/K&M.

In response to my query about about rebuild documentation by Krinard, the seller replied:

"No, sorry. Bill does not really do that with these one-of-a-kind things he makes in his garage. They usually go to friends or guitar players he knows. "Two-Rock" does not have anything to do with this amp. There was never any "work order" for it."

I still contacted Two-Rock customer support, resulting in this response:

"I've seen this amp on ebay... it looks like a Bill modification." (Mac Skinner, Two-Rock Ops Mgr)

So all I can add is that the seller is somewhat close geographically, and he does have a 100% positive eBay history. Two-Rock is near Santa Rosa, CA-- and Ashland, OR is way South.

Although this IS NOT a Two-Rock amp, the possible Bill Krinard mojo factor could make this a major sleeper piece of gear at a fraction of a Two-Rock sticker price.

As far as I can take ya here kids. Do your own due diligence-- and grill the seller with any questions till you feel confident this is either a good find or it isn't.

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