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The Quest for Good Guitar Tone Blog

We first featured Berklee Guitar Prof. Thaddeus Hogarth a little over a year ago, and added him to our Strat-o-Brothers' Directory.

Since then, he's been a busy man developing his own online guitar course program, as well as a great blog for tone, gear & GAS geeks aptly named:

The Quest for Good Guitar Tone which is also part of the Berklee Music Blogs network.

I just caught up with Hogarth in the new Premier Guitar Mag Podcast of The Amp Room series - Episode 7 - The Dumble Phenomenon. CLICK HERE for the mp3 of that podcast, in which Thaddeus is interviewed by PG's Adam Moore. The subject of that expensive Robben Ford/Dumble tone is addressed. And if like most folks, you don't have a Dumble Amp budget, Hogarth offers some useful tips and *alternative ways to get into that zone just the same.

It's all good. So check it out!

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*Alessandro Amps @ eBay

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