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Paul Trombetta Mini-Bone & Überbone Pedals With Bacon!

Our friend Bobby D, star of many hi-action gear demo videos, sent us a link to his latest upload on a pedal product called the Mini-Bone by Paul Trombetta Design. Check out the lower octave freqs this thang employs for fattening purposes. I don't know if this would be considered to contain any transfats, but vintage transistors are used. Maybe if they're vintage enough, they won't be partially hydrogenated, but simply "cured" the old fashion way like a fine bacon or pancetta. That sounds good-- "The Trombetta Pancetta". And the Mini-Bone truly lends a regally porcine portliness to your tone, especially single coils as Bobby demonstrates above. I'm smellin' bacon, now how 'bout you.

If you've been considering a simple octave-fuzz pedal effect without all the harsh, tone robbing additives and preservatives, the Mini-Bone may be just the right addition to your pedalboard pantry.

You'll find contact info. at Trombetta's Myspace site via the above link. Otherwise, I didn't find his stuff at my usual pedal purveyor sources. This is real boutique folks!

Trombetta currently has a pedal listed at eBay - Item ID# 320514342404 called the Überbone pictured below which incorporates two Mini-Bone units into a single poke chop sandwich, the likes of which one might find waitin' in a sack in Billy Gibbons' refrigerator.

As close to Billy Gibbons' refrigerator as you're gonna get!

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