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New '65 RI Fender Princeton Alessandro Mods!

Princeton Reverb upgrades by George Alessandro

Modded Fender 65 Princeton RI

April 26, 2010
I just found a sweet deal for all you vintage Princeton freaks out there who don't wanna shell out the big dinero for a real vintage one that you're gonna end up going through anyway, on top of what you spent.

Stick with me on this one!

D Town Guitars in Eastern PA is listing George Alessandro modded 65 RI's on eBay. These are brand new 65 RI's which Alessandro upgrades by removing the new stock circuit board and replacing with a custom hand wired board like a real vintage blackface Princeton. These folks are neighbors.

D Town Guitars
eBay Top Rated seller 4k+ positive feedback

$1400.00, plus shipping (45lbs)
(pricing subject to change)

Here's the full breakdown comparison numbers (as of 4/28/13)-- feel free to check my research:

New Fender '65 Princeton RI - list: $1299.99
Musician's Friend price: $949.99

Current eBay BIN listings on vintage Princetons range $1248 to just under $2400.

For an extra $100, D Town will upgrade from stock speaker to an Alessandro designed 10". And even if you decide to add a Mercury Mag tranny later, you'll still be way ahead of a top condition vintage acquisition in terms of functionality.

Obviously, collectible value isn't the same-- and if you're even thinking "But what about my Fender factory warranty?", you're being a weenie, & this isn't for you! But if you're looking for a hot Blackface Princeton to PLAY, this is a good way to go!

Check it all out!

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