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Nash S-57 Two Tone Burst - Friday #165

Bill Nash relic Strat-type guitar

Nash Guitars Aged Neck
Bill Nash S-57 Guitar

Currently in the Fat Tone Guitars inventory, this new Nash S-57 and its custom wound Lollar pickups are both products of the Pacific Northwest, a region known for fine gear, fine beer and fine salmon-- can't leave out the salmon. I emphasize "custom wound Lollar pickups" because although all Lollars are hand wound & loved by many, the ones in Nash guitars are designed specifically for Nash. In other words, Lollar sells various pickup models, but the Lollars in a Nash guitar aren't part of the standard Lollar menu.

Well alrighty then.

Although a most notorious connoisseur of fine guitar relic work, Bill Nash price points his creations at typically half that of much custom aged fare, leaving you more budget for beer, salmon and perhaps a pedal or two. Tortuga & Subdecay are but two of a few boutique effects lines also made in the Pacific NW & available at Fat Tone. Both, delightful accompaniments to the Nash S-57, along with a hoppy robust Imperial IPA and unctuous chunks of alder smoked Chinook or Steelhead salmon.

I'm posting this from the Pacific Northwest right now, where it's raining & time for lunch!

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