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Music Man Stingray #001 - Friday Strat #167

Rare collector guitar Forrest White MM Stingray.

A Strat for Friday #167

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Forrest White Music Man Stingray Ser#001

Here's an early descendant of the Fender family gene pool for your inspection!

Currently listed at eBay by California based Seal Beach Music this pre- Ernie Ball era Music Man Stingray is- according to the seller- the very first production model Stingray. Built in 1976, Stingray #001 bears the initials "FW" and was obtained by the seller from Forrest White himself.

Check out the familiar early-mid 70's Fender style bullet truss & 3 bolt config.

If everything checks out, this would make a nice milestone piece for any guitar collection. Due diligence kids!

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