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MIJ Fender Japan Richie Kotzen Stratocaster

Fender Japan Guitars - Kotzen STR-RK Strat

These are still available & ship to USA. Also check out Tokyo based Jo's 72 Tele Thinline RI's by Fender Japan. Very nice!

Richie Kotzen Strat Headstock

Tokyo based eBay Store Jo's Music Shop

Do you even know about the Fender Richie Kotzen Artist Series Strats & Teles?

They're made by Fender Japan, and marketed there & probably to Europe too. Not in the USA though, unless you have Ed Roman build you a "fabulous fake"-- or whatever they're called...

Watch for maple tops like this RK flame!

So right at this very moment, Tokyo based eBay Store Jo's Music Shop has a nice selection of new Fender Japan product including Kotzen models. Shipping cost to USA is $120.

CLICK HERE for more Fender Japan item listings!

Note: Fender's Kotzen Telecasters are now USA distribution as of Winter NAMM 2013, so also check out Kotzen Artist Tele's

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