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Joe Barden HSS Fender Fat Strat Pickup Sets

Joe Barden HSS Fat Strat Pickup Set
Don't these black Barden's kinda remind you of Oreo Cookies? Perhaps Oreo double decker lady fingers. Did I just invent a new snack product? Shhhhh!!!

I think they want us to know they're authorized. But probably not by Nabisco. Lonnie Mack might like 'em though.


One thing for sure, eBay seller Split Rock Guitars has plenty if Barden Strat pickup sets in stock. Besides these HSS Fat's, they also have SSS sets in black or white. So if you're in need of more fat for your Strat, go Barden, and don't let just any lard in.

And that's not even the cheesiest line I've ever written either...

On the other hand, for pure vintage scatterwound Leo mojo, I always recommend Slider's Vintage Reproductions available via sliderspickups, Rod McQueen's eBay area.

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