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Jeff Howard and The McLovins - Best Jam Band Under Age 20!

Tokyo Tea

Maybe the best current jam band period! All around 16, these guys are like drug free reincarnations of all your heroes who didn't live to see 1975. You think I'm crazy-- just check out the ENTIRE clip above. Then tell me I'm crazy! Guitarist Jeff Howard is one Strat-o-Brother extreme with chops and taste waaaay beyond his years! Drummer/vocalist Jacob Huffman keeps things loosely tight, and Jason Ott anchors down bass duties. That's it-- power trio kids with smart technology from another dimension!

The Connecticut based McLovins has lots of stuff on Youtube. I even found covers of Weather Report's Birdland, The Meters' Cissy Strut, EJ's Cliffs of Dover. Eclectic as hell too! How do these kids even know about stuff like that? Cool parents and cool teachers, that's how. So kudos to everyone involved in The McLovins' evolution.

Either that, or they are aliens from the Valleys of Neptune. It could happen!

http://themclovins.blogspot.com (BLOG- Get the latest from their "Uncle Dave")

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