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Guitar Player Magazine Vintage Back Issues

Early GP Back Issues, Collectible

Jeff Beck Guitar Player Cover Dec. 73December 1973 Guitar Player Magazine - Jeff Beck cover

As one might expect, eBay is the place for vintage issues of classic guitar rags! I personally have a few banker boxes full of that kind of stuff. But there are gaps here and there where issues were loaned out permanently, spent too much time in bathroom/shower steam conditions, bong water spillage & house pet incidents, spouse tossed them out, etc., etc.,... MUST I go on?

Not all home libraries are as spiffy as Ward Cleaver's den, right!

Anyhow, if you're looking to restore, reassemble or simply recover significant chunks of guitar cultural history for review & posterity, just take a browse through the following links. Talk about memory lane! The links are set to display highest price listings first in order to help you get to the older, classic stuff faster. So you may also see entire collections listed.

August '74 Johnny Winter GP CoverAugust '74 Guitar Player - Johnny Winter cover

Guitar Player Mag Vintage Back Issues

GP is the king of guitar mags. Their classic 70's issues feature all the greats. And great writing too, from folks who could really write i.e. Jim Ferguson, Tom Wheeler, Jas Obrecht & Tom Mulhern, as well as cool columns.

GW Magazine SRV Cover July 1989July 89 Guitar World - SRV Cover

Guitar World Mag Vintage Back Issues

GW's earliest issues document the EVH and Big Hair Metal eras best of all.

Guitar Shop Magazine May '98 Jonny LangMay '98 GUITAR SHOP - Jonny Lang cover

Guitar Shop Mag Vintage Back Issues

I really dug GUITAR SHOP for its unpretentious gear info, and serious lack of advertising. Unfortunately, advertising helps keep things going-- and good old GS didn't last long. One of their cool regular features was signal chain schematic diagrams for popular guitar players. The legendary Angus Young flow chart makes me laugh to this day.


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