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Guitar Blogger DIY Strat Project Complete!

Our good pal over at 22Frets.com blog finished his nifty home build just yesterday! FRESH! Click the above image for his detailed final wrap-up post; Part 6 of the well documented first build with lots of expandable pics. Wonder how long till he gets the itch to build another!

If you're considering building your own Strat, take a look at all parts of this project. No horror stories or anything like that, just good tips on sequencing, stuff you could run into-- as well as suggestions on components to use.

Ain't a good dog don't wag his own tail, so I'll wag mine for a second to let you know this builder found some of his tech & component tips right here at Stratoblogster! Not that I know anything, but I've managed to assemble some pretty good resources in our Pimp Your Strat Directory

I'd love to hear about your DIY Strat project too! Maybe we can feature yours here. Even if it's a relic job with chainsaws, napalm & point blank sawed off 12 gauge blasts we'll give it a go, but be prepared for some ribbin' if that's the case.

Lemme know at bigfrets at google dot com!

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