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FRESH Guitar Strings and YOU!

Lowest price on guitar strings.

Does Coachella Valley Climate Produce Freshest Guitar Strings? You Decide!

The best retail deals on strings are at the big box music gear sites, especially in bulk! Popular brands like Ernie Ball, D'Addario & GHS can be procured online for a fraction of what you pay anywhere else, unless your bro-in-law manages a Guitar Center or something.

I normally prefer promoting smaller boutique merchants, but when it comes to strings ya just can't beat the big guys. And when it comes to FRESHNESS, you don't wanna take chances on a dust covered $12 pack of D'Addario XL's from some hole-in-the-wall skateboard & bong store selling used Squiers & Squier parts in the back-- run by a guy named Kyle.

An offer you can't refuse from 3 big families who are united with the best string deals:

Musician's Friend


25 sets for $89.99!!!

D'Addario EXL110 Guitar Strings Bulk Pack Regular Light 25 Sets
(.10 -.46 gauge set- Musician's Friend 4/28/10)

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