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Fender Japan 1996 Ventures Stratocaster

MIJ limited edition '96 Ventures Strat

The Ventures Tribute Strat MIJtop photo: Strat-Central.com

bottom: from listing (not same guitar)
Item ID# 310209470815

In Japan, they love The Ventures-- kinda like in France they love Jerry Lewis... They love The Ventures in Finland too. But seriously, who's more American than The Ventures?

Just trying to figure out why Fender hasn't done a USA version Ventures Strat. Oh well. So here's a limited edition MIJ Ventures Strat w/OHSC from '96. I verified this model over at Strat-Central and with Fender Consumer Relations as well. Details below compiled from all sources referenced:

Two piece swamp ash body
22 Frets
Gold plated hdwr
Active battery powered mid-boost (like Clapton Strat)
Charcoal Burst finish (seller calls it "X63-Midnight Black Transparent")
Lace Sensor GOLD pickups

Strat-Central also refers to a matching Jazzmaster & Bass (P or J???). NO firm data on how many were produced. A call to Fender USA Consumer Relations indicated 159 were designated for US market, but no gross production figure was available.

The Seller: AMPRO INTERNET SALES eBay Store is 100% rated, and based in Hawaii. They have a few other interesting Fender guitars, but mainly sell Golf & Tennis gear. Go figure. They list a Korean Fender TC-90, which is an interesting double cutaway Thinline Tele/Strat hybrid with two P-90's.

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