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Dynamico & Zuni Guitars at CGB!

Custom Guitar Boutique guitar builder lines.

Zuni Guitars fretboard inlayTricky inlay work in maple by Zuni Guitars

Dynamico Guitars Los Alamos modelVoodoo attitude P90 config on birdseye w/Bigsby - "Los Alamos" by Dynamico Guitars

Kelcey at is constantly adding new & interesting boutique guitar lines to his already sizable list of gourmet gear builder brands! And don't let the basic little website fool ya, CGB is exploding with gobs of groovy guitarocity. They are crazy about exploring what's being built, and bringing us the maddest of luthier fare from wherever... Even if Kelcey is unexpectedly transported to Root Beer Saloon, another venture from the makers of Zuni Guitars! I don't make this stuff up folks. Well, maybe some of it.

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Rock N' Roll Relic line by Billy Rowe also features some interesting amp lines as well as boutique bass, archtop and nylon classical guitar builders. Located in NYC, they see clients by appointment, but you can always contact them by phone or email for quotes and product info.

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