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Carr Mercury For Sale. Clean used amp. Hi-end Gear.

Fender '59 Bassman Tweed RI ReissuePre-owned '59 Bassman RI - Fat Tone Guitars $795.00!!!
code# PRE152

Used Carr Mercury AmpPre-owned Carr Mercury - Fat Tone Guitars $1325.00!
code# PRE154

Fat Tone Guitars currently features two sweet amp deals from their used/pre-owned inventory.

People will argue till the cows circle Jupiter why a vintage '59 Bassman is better than a Reissue version. But even a nice vintage '59 can't have it's original electrolytics, and if the speakers, handle & power cord are original, they gotta be pretty tired. Still, it's gonna sell for thousands $$$!

So here's a used, but clean RI for $795, and it's got a tube rectifier too. Phil at Fat Tone wouldn't post it if it were in poor condition or had issues. The real question is ,"How much worse than an original can it be?" Don't be a snob! $795!

But if you're still a snob, can't help it but may not hold max amp snob cash, then check out their CARR Mercury! It's a lot less than a new Mercury, but it's a clean and sweet handmade amp.
Some of my favorites of Billy Penn's Austin Amp Show demos were the CARR demos. Click Here for Billy's Carr Mercury demo. Check it out, and don't ever doubt me!

Y'know, I'm crazy 'bout a Mercury!

For details on this gear, click the Fat Tone link and paste one of the above red code#'s into their search block.

AMP SHOP aka Bass Xchange has a nice selection of new CARR models, where you can also compare pricing on a new Mercury.

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